Abuelieta Maria provides premium quality foods that combines tradition and technology to provide the best tasting tortillas and chips for all type of customers.

Premin Quality Foods since 1994

Abuelita Maria has been providing premium quality food since 1994. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders and their passion for authentic Mexican food led them on a quest to research, develop, and produce the finest tortilla products on the market.

Our client list includes local establishments, national distributors, and restaurant chains. We can also customize any of our products to your specifications and add your label to the packaging. Our tortilla products will make your cooking experience easier and more delicious.

All our production is made to order so that we can guarantee you receive the freshest product possible.

These are some of the different products you can buy from us for your restaruant, grocery store, or business.

Razorback Tortillas Chips
Precut Chip Tortillas
Taqueria Corn Tortillas
Enchilada Tortillas
Table Tortillas
Pressed Flour-Tortillas

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